Artist In Schools Residency Activities
 Artist in school activities are custom tailored depending on age, ability, and numbers of students. Here is a list of possible activities.


1. A trip around-the-world with various percussion instruments
These classes are an introduction to musical instruments from
countries such as Brazil, Africa, The Middle-East, Caribbean, and U.S.
2. A look into the field of computer music
This is a class which demonstrates the uses of MIDI. How to
compose, record, perform and notate music.
3. The history of Jazz and Blues 
Tracing Jazz from its roots in Africa through the present
4. The construction of musical instruments
Investigating how sounds are produced and then experimenting
with making and playing instruments from common goods
Blues Tubes in "E" measurements

Bass 4" - thin wall pvc pipe with cap:

I, E = 39 1/2"
IV, A = 29"
V, B = 26"
Tri Tone (3rd & 7th) - Golf tubes:
I = 45" & 31 1/2"
IV = 48 & 33 3/4"
V = 42 1/2" & 29 3/4"
E Blues scale - Golf tubes:
E = 40"
G = 34"
A = 29 3/4"
Bb = 28"
B = 26 1/4"
D = 22"
E= 19 1/2"
5. Lets play music
Jamming with band instruments on the blues, or playing an authentic
rhythm with instruments from various cultures
 6. Sounds and Vibrations
Explore the 4 families of musical instruments through science. Many of the instruments are from other cultures and some are easy to make.
7. Jazz Band and Combo Coaching
Working with groups and individuals to polish performance.

Nebraska Arts Council experience for 30 years.


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