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If you would like to study drum set, hand percussion or electronic music with Joey Gulizia, private lessons can be arranged. Artist in school programs are also available with Joey Gulizia or The Gulizia Brothers. The Nebraska Arts Council (402-595-2122) can help fund these programs in Nebraska. Joey also teaches at several summer music camps in the Midwest.



Joey, The G Notes, Irie Caribbean Jazz, The Headliners and The Gulizia Brothers can perform at concerts, clubs, private parties and events. Call for prices and availability. If you are a non-profit organization in the Midwest, you may be eligible for grant money.



Joey Gulizia has recorded on dozens of musical projects and can add something special to yours. Specializing in ethnic percussion, Joey has spiced up tracks on over 50 releases for groups like The Mannheim Steamroller, America, and Ron Cooley to name a few.




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